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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #180

‎"If I could turn back time..." 
Oh, wait, I can. Tonight. One hour. 
Better than nothing.

This means lighter mornings,
which won't affect me
as I'm a late riser.

To me, it means longer, darker evenings, 
and a huge consumption of candles :-) 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Camera Critters #186

Imagine the scene:
Sleeping in a camper van, in the wild.
When you look out the door in the morning,
this family is staring back at you.
They are domestic, the blue collar gives that away, 
but still! :-)

Camera Critters

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fences and Scenic Sunday

I posted a similar photo about a year ago, but I like the motif so much that I'm taking the chance of using another one. 

A fence won't keep you in if the grass is greener on the other side.

Scenic Sunday

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skywatch Friday and Himmelsk

The October full moon sky was cloudy, but a tripod, patience and timing was all that was needed to catch it through a hole in the clouds.

Oktober's fullmåne var for det meste skjult bakhurtiggående skyer, men med kamerastativ, tålmodighet og tidsberegning var det mulig å fange den idet den kikket ut gjennom et hull i skyene.

The next night provided clear skies.
Natta etter var det klarvær.

6.47 pm

7.06 pm

Skywatch Friday, season 5, episode 16

Skywatch Friday


Monday, October 24, 2011

Macro Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday



Blue Monday

At the North Cape plateau there's a tiny chapel excavated into the rock underneath the North Cape Hall. St Johannes Kapell (The Chapel of St.John) is the world's northernmost ecumenical chapel. It's mostly used for weddings, and what a place this would be to get married in!

The dominant blue color and light
meets you right at the entrance,
and gives the feeling of entering an ice cave.

The altar is shaped like an upright boat.

The ship is a typical element of the norwegian church, as the main part, where the congregation is seated, is called the church ship. In northern european, but mostly scandinavian churches, a sail ship model is often hung from the ceiling over the congregation.

The raw rock wall has been kept, and the 
many shelves and crevices hold lit candles. 
The live flickering flames create 
a beautiful atmosphere in the room.

The chairs are so well balanced that they look like they are floating.

The ceiling makes you think of stars 
and northern lights (aurora borealis)

This tapestry is hung from 
the ceiling down the back wall,  
and it also represents northern lights 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #179

During my visit to Australia this summer,
my friends took me to Canberra,
to see Australia's new Parliament Building.

Shadows from inside the entrance area.

Several skylights provide daylight inside the building. 

Architecturally it's a very interesting structure
that's built into a hill and covered with grass.

Camera Critters #185

I photographed this weasel in September, in the Lofoten islands.
He was probably used to hikers because he didn't seem to mind us. 
He played around with a friend, and even posed to have his picture taken.

Camera Critters

Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Reflections and Scenic Sunday

From the tiny abandoned norwegian fishing village Nyksund, in the Vesterålen coastal area, on an extremely windless day in August.

The sea houses have now been turned into art galleries, restaurants and concert venues for music festivals. Many of the houses are in use as summer houses and rentals, and some house artists who live and work there.

The bold colors are typical of the northern parts of Norway.

Click to see the rules and to take a badge for yourself.

Scenic Sunday

Weekend Reflections

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Skywatch Friday, Himmelsk

A Hong Kong high rise, reflecting the bright sun.

I was sitting on top of one of those Hop-on Hop-of busses, 
soaking in Hong Kong, in blazing 34C/93F.
I couldn't sit downstairs, inside, in air conditioning, 
with all the sensible people.

I had to take pictures!

Skywatch Friday, season 5, episode 15

Skywatch Friday


Guest Heart Thursday

The small norwegian mining town Røros has so many quaint and beautiful old houses, But this one really stood out as one of the most inviting ones, with a heart on the door and many on the doormat.

Another lovely cloud heart

Someone has drawn a heart on a concrete wall

The Svartisen glacier is melting and moving backwards,
but a heart shaped patch of ice remains in the pot 
that has been ground out by the ice

Finally, a selection of heart rocks

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