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My jewelry

My true passion, even over photography, is making jewelry. 

In 1996 I found my true calling as a silver smith/jewelry artist/designer. My training comes from many silver smithing summer classes in Norway and Ireland, and for the rest I am self taught. My jewelry style varies from traditional filigree work to modern style, and a combination of the two. I work mostly in silver, with the occational addition of stones and beads, and I work in my own home studio. I make all the parts from sterling silver wire and plate, and solder them together. The surfaces are textured by f.ex. hammering, roller milling or stamping. The only pre made elements I use are some locks, but in many cases I make those too.

A lot of these pictures are quite old, and taken with an old camera, and obviously not of good quality. I need to make time to retake them. I also need to take pictures of the pieces I have for sale. That will hopefully happen in the near future :-)

The following pieces are one of a kind pieces, from my own collection. 

The top left link in this bracelet is a little box that can hide a small treasure.

This is a two finger ring, and it's actually very comfortable to wear!

These earrings have the words "Dream wide awake" stamped in a circle.
After I made them, they reminded me of a dream catcher.

This one opens up to reveal a stamped text.

The stamped text inside says: Dream wide awake - then follow your dream.

I made this necklace during a workshop. It can be worn  in 3 different ways,
as shown here, and also diagonally, over  one shoulder and across the chest.

It has a couple of links that open up to reveal pictures.

I made these pieces for my daughter's norwegian national costume. Most girls here get one for their confirmation day at about age 15.

My sister-in-law Liv did all the embroidery, including a lot of white on white embroidery on the shirt. It's hard to see here, but some of it shows under the top broach and around the cuff links. 

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