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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Skywatch Friday and Himmelsk

Sunrise and sunset over the Hongkong harbor.

The view from my hotel window 
on the 33. floor of the W Hotel,
when I did a 2 night stop-over on my way 
home from Australia in late July this year.

Sunrise at 6.40 am

Sunset at 7.05 pm

7.20 pm

7.30 pm

7.35 pm

Skywatch Friday, season 5, episode 11

Skywatch Friday


Guest Heart Thursday #76

This week's collection:

A waterfall heart

Tree top hearts

A sky heart

Measuring spoon hearts

Seagull poop heart

Some rock hearts

And one that needed a bit of help :-)

Happy heart hunting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Signs, signs

This is a sign from the Sydney fish market.

Do you find any unusual ingredients in this marinara mix?

Imp, according to my dictionary:
1. a mischievous child a cheeky young imp.2. a smallmischievous devil or sprite.

Signs, signs

World Bird Wednesday and Watery Wednesday

In August we toured the northern part of Norway, 
and while on a whale safari out of Andenes, 
we also spotted this little puffin. 
Apparently they were supposed to have flown south already, 
but this one was obviously still there. 
It was a cute bonus to the many whales we also saw!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

This is a picture I shot out of the car window (I was not driving!).
The building is too small to be a barn,
so it's probably a shed for storing farm equipment.
The tree in the front could be a rowan tree;
some of them turn beautifully red in the fall.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skywatch Friday, Himmelsk, Weekend Reflections, Shadow Shot Sunday and Scenic Sunday

Nordkapp, the North Cape, is a 307 meters high plateau
dropping off right into the arctic ocean, "on top of Norway".
At 70* 10' 21" north, pretty much also "on top of the world".

We were there on August 15. this year, 
a couple of weeks after the midnight sun season ended.
All the same, the sunset was spectacular
as we watched the sun sink into the arctic ocean.

Here with the famous globe on the edge of the plateau.
Plenty of tourists even though it was late in the season.

The setting sun's reflection in the panoramic windows 
of the North Cape Centre,
which houses exhibitions, museums, information, 
restaurants and of course the inevitable souvenir shop.

Shadows from the setting sun in the North Cape Centre hall.

Opposite the setting sun was the rising moon,
rising over a landscape colored red by the last sunrays.

Skywatch Friday season 5, episode 10

Skywatch Friday


Guest Heart Thursday #75

A dust heart! Couldn't believe my eyes!
Ok, so it reveals how dust is allowed to accumulate in my house, 
but it's a good heart, though? :-)

Then two heart fields during one trip.
I have taken this road so many times, and never seen that heart shape before.

Nor this one.
The house in the right hand corner gives an idea of the size of it. 

Strange thing:
Someone have started to make sculptures out of rock bars, 
and then dumped them by the side of the road.
And I only saw them because we stopped to clean bug carcasses 
off of the front window of the camper so I could take photos through it.
Can you believe they threw the heart sculpture away?

A big beach heart.

I'm going to have to add at least one heart rock every week 
in order to get through my collection :-)

Signs, signs

Did you know that Norway actually does have a place called Hell?

And yes, I have stayed at that hotel once, for a conference :-)

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