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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NatureFootstep Waters, Our World Tuesday, Watery Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday

We've been having extreme weather conditions this weekend. Gale force winds, waves up to 25-30 meters and extreme high tide levels. The peak of the storm hit further north on the west coast, but we also felt it here. 

On Sunday afternoon we went for a drive to see if we could catch some good waves. The wind was north-westerly, and the bridge to Brandasund has a clear view in that direction. The wind turned out to be so strong that it was impossible stand up, much less hold the camera still, and the lens was covered with salt in seconds (I have a filter!). So I ended up staying in the car, quickly cracked the window, steadied the camera against it and shot. Of almost a hundred pictures, only a very few were in focus. 

To give an idea of the height of that spray, the lighthouse is probably 8-10 meters high, and the cliff it's on is probably a little less.

Please enlarge for a better view.

Monday afternoon the wind had died down, 
and I went back to the same spot, 
just to get an "after" shot.
Always fun to compare.

Our World Tuesday Graphic


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Bridges and Shadow Shot Sunday

I'm afraid I can't tell you much about this bridge, other than that it's somewhere in Switzerland. 

The year was 2004, we were on our way through Europe to the French Riviera. This was before we had a proper camper van, and we drove an ordinary van, furnished with a fold out sofa-bed and a bookshelf. We spent one night at the camp site on the other side of the river. 

During the night the most amazing rain and thunderstorm swept through the narrow valley, and the thunder echoed off of the tall mountains on both sides. The van was not insulated, and the rain was hammering so hard on the roof, I had to dig out earplugs in order to go to sleep. 

As you can see, the next day the sky cleared up and the sun came out.

This is the kind of experience that sticks with you as a fond memory! :-)

Psalm Challenge

Psalm 36

Verse 5:
Thy steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens,
thy faithfulness to the clouds.

Verse 7:
How precious is thy steadfast love, O God!
The children of men take refuge in the shadow of thy wings.

Verse 8:
They feast on the abundance of thy house,
and thou givest them drink from the river of thy delights.

Verse 9:
For with thee is the fountain of life,
in thy light do we see light.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday

Let me start off with a lovely heart cloud today

Then a moss heart

A pony poop heart (!)
It's kind of in the middle there

If I'm ever going to get through even half of my heart rocks,
I will have to add at least one in every heart post :-)

Friday Fences and Scenic Sunday

Skywatch Friday and Himmelsk

The skies have been completely grey here lately,
no spectacular sunsets to be seen.
So I dug into my archives, 
and both my husband and my son voted for this 
kind of dramatic one.

Himmelen har vært helt grå her i det siste,
ingen vakre solnedganger.
Så jeg lette gjennom gamle bilder,
og både min mann og min sønn stemte for dette
litt dramatiske bildet.

Skywatch Friday Season 5. Episode 20

Skywatch Friday


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Signs, Signs

This is a shot of one of hundreds of stalls at Paddy's Market, Sydney, 
displaying a variety of signs identifying their many items.

As I passed, out of the corner of my eye, 
one sign drew my attention.
So, am I a nincompoop for stopping to photograph it? :-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadowed photographers patiently waiting for the next big blow-out 
by the blow hole in Kiama, South of Sydney, Australia.

Sunday Bridges and Scenic Sunday

A different view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge than what we usually see. 
We took off from Sydney Airport for Brisbane, 
through quite dense clouds, and the first opening gave this view. 
My camera was up against the window before I could say shoot!

Sunday Bridges LXXXVIII

Camera Critters

I saw these strange creatures washed up on a beach on the Central Coast of Australia in 2008. If I remember correctly, they were called Bluebottles. I think they look like some kind of jelly fish. I'm not sure if I would have wanted to meet them in the water....

Camera Critters

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Skywatch Friday, Himmelsk, Scenic Sunday, Friday Fences and Sunday Bridges

This bridge is part of a triangular system of bridges and a sub sea tunnel that connect our little island to the mainland. The silhouetted mountain is our signature mountain, Siggjo, 474 meters high. It has been a sailing beacon for centuries. 

Dette er Bømlabrua, en del av Trekantsambandet, som knytter sammen Bømlo, Stord og Sveio. Fjellet er Siggjo som med sine 474 moh har vært et seilingsmerke for Nordsjøskipsfarten i hundervis av år.

Last Saturday was my birthday, and my husband's present to 
me was a hotel weekend for the two of us (isn't he a dear?)
We leave tomorrow, so I'll be around to visit next week :-)
Have a great weekend!

Forrige lørdag hadde jeg bursdag, og min manns presang til meg var 
en hotellweekend for oss begge på Ullensvang Hotell i Hardanger
(er han ikke fantastisk?)
Vi drar i morgen, så jeg kommer til å besøke dere neste uke :-)
God helg til dere alle!

Skywatch Friday season 5, episode 18

Skywatch Friday

Himmelsk #58

Hver torsdag:

Scenic Sunday

Sunday Bridges LXXXVII

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Signs, Signs

In Australia:
Self Storage - where you store... yourself??

At a gas station in Norway:
Selvvask=self wash - where you wash... yourself??

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