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Friday, August 16, 2013

Road trip in the camper van

In stead of getting bored while waiting in line to get on a ferry, 
I look for things to photograph.

Also during the crossing, 
the coast line offers lots of interesting motifs.

This might suggest Beirut,
but it's Odda, Norway.


The same place that promises:
Everything will be alright.

Crossing mountain plains, the sky is so wide and open.

We stopp at a camp site for the night, 
and Birgit and I head out on a photo safari 
while Sigve rests in the camper van.

As the sun sinks, 
the wind dies down and the light turns blue.

A combination of reflections and bottom rocks 
give our photos a painting like effect.

We cross a bridge and play around with our Nikons.

An old shed offers a multitude of photo opportunities. 
Colors and patterns of time.

A moth poses willingly, showing off his trunk.
The next day it was still there, in the same position,
so it had probably been dead the whole time. 

Rusty, but together.

On the other side of the field, fireweeds 
(also called great willow herb or rosebay willow herb)
 (geiterams) form a border against the woods.

Dinner and wine waits in the camper van 
when we eventually dragg ourselves away
 from our beautiful surroundings.

The next day we make time for another excursion before take off.
Macro time!

And some water acrobatics.

We avoid the high ways, and on one of our by-ways 
we had to stop for tree young capercaillies
(possibly wood grouse or heather cocks) in the road,

and for some more macro shots.

At Skeikampen, we met up with Ester and Magne in their cabin.

Rain caught up with us too, 
but that just means more photo opportunities.

Our next camp site stop was by lake Sperillen,
and I found more of my (presently) favorite motifs: rust.

And even rust-looking water.

After dropping Birgit off at Haukeliseter, we continued to Hovden, 
to spend a couple of days with my brother and sister-in-law.
The weather was nice, but cold, and invited more camera use.

The road between Hovden and Haukligrend is - interesting.

Another detour took us to a dam, 
and some day we're going back there fore some hiking.

In Røldal I walked through the grave yard 
surrounding the old stave church,
and I focused in on some details.


This little guy (young wagtail) (linerle) 
was hopping around the picnic area. 

Final shot: a cheek-to-cheek moment.


Clytie said...

I am entranced. I am in awe. This is one of my favorite posts EVER. Your artistry is amazing, your shots are stunning. As I looked at each photo I said to myself "ooooh, that's my favorite" - and indeed, each one IS my favorite!!!

forgetmenot said...

Inger, It looks like you are having a marvelous time--keep on enjoying your "time on the road". Your photos are excellent--thanks for letting me take your trip vicariously. Helmer is just TOO cute--what a blessing he must be to you. Mickie :)

Birgit Aadland said...

Thanks for the wonderful trip with you and Sigve on the road, for all the moments shared over tiny flowers and insects, running water (rusty or not), and thanks for sharing some of it here on your blog!! Your photos are amazing like always! Why on earth didn't I bring my macro lens?? Next time -!

Stanley Hattman said...

You have a wonderful eye!!

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