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Friday, January 21, 2011

Camera Accessory

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A few days ago my friend Janne at Spindelmaker 
posted about a camera bag she made.

Like Janne, I always carry my camera with me, and with all the stuff that we ladies carry around in our hand bags, there is always a danger of scratching some part of the camera. So when I saw this brilliant light protective pouch that takes up no more space than what the camera already does, I just had to make one too.

I love sewing, but the things I make are usually more practical and functional than pretty. So this time I laid down some ground rules for myself.
1. I had to use a fabric that I wouldn't normally use.
2. I had to add some sort of decor.
3. I could not spend a lot of time being picky and particular, f.ex. seams were allowed to be a bit wobbly. My point was: just get it done!

So this is what I came up with: a shimmery velvet fabric, with a decor that, to some degree, matches the camera strap that I made a few months ago. (Don't you just hate the boring black and yellow strap that comes with the camera?) 
I added a thin lining for extra cushioning, a drawstring for closure, and done! 

Thank you Janne, for a great idea, and for inspiration to make it!


MarieElizabeth said...

I love it, great idea! What did you use for a lining? I have a padded sleeve I put the camera in for my larger bags, but this would be good for a smaller one. Oh, and it's pretty.

Inger-M said...

Thank you, MarieElizabeth :-)
The lining is just a piece of stretchy black fabric that adds some padding without being bulky. Hard to explain... The velvet that is the outer fabric sort of does the same, so together they work pretty well.

spindelmaker said...

I´m glad I could be of inspiration, Inger Marie! IT looks great, and I really like how it matches your camera-strap!

Vilt og vakkert said...


Virkelig både praktisk og vakkert!
Takk for hyggelig kommentar på bloggen min ;:OD)

Inge said...

Hvor er det smart Inger-M, jeg er også ret vild med din kamara rem, har aldrig tænkt over at man da bare kan skifte den..:-)
Jeg kan se der kun er 2 uger til din nye status.. :-) Hvor bliver det spændende, glæder mig til at høre og se billeder af baby
I må have en dejlig aften :-)

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