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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #43

Guest Heart Thursday from Clytie at Random Hearts.

I am amazed at the amount of hearts that surround us! 
They are everywhere, and I have never seen them before. 
Thank you Clytie, for getting me started on collecting hearts!

♥ So, be prepared for a long post ♥

All our snow is gone now, and it's been raining for days. 
But just before it was all gone I noticed this melted heart spot on the deck.

Then my cheese had a heart hole.

The whole family is involved in finding hearts. My daughter spotted this green leaf heart.
(Please don't notice the nearly dried up plants around to it. All my potted plants were exiled to a spare room in September when my husband came home from the hospital after his stem cell transplant. His immune system is still too weak to risk infections from soil germs. Unfortunately they have not had much water this winter ☹)

This week my husband and I went for a walk in an area right on the coast (the North Sea coast). Right from the start of our walk the hearts started appearing. It was late in the day, so the light was fading, and some hearts came out blurry, so I had to delete a few, but I ended up with 10 heart pictures! There were so many, I couldn't even stop and photograph them all. Here are some of them:

A moss heart.

A fungus heart.

A rock heart.

And a light-heart from the car head lights.

Go here for more heart warming pictures.


Cildemer said...

Oh! Never thought there could be so many hearts around us!
My favourite is the fungus heart.
Thanks for sharing, Inger;o)

Hope you're having a happy week****

texwisgirl said...

Wonderful! I love all of them! (And the fact that your hubby is doing better I hope!)

Clytie said...

You have been blessed! Look at all of those hearts that found you! My faves are the snow heart and the fungus heart. So perfect! Thank you for linking them to Guest Heart Thursday. Love and peace to you and hubby, with loads of healing hearts abounding.

Dorincard said...

Nice! Best wishes! :)

SquirrelQueen said...

What a wonderful group of hearts you found, I love the fungus heart. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery.

Dani said...

Oh, a long post. I DO LOVE it. snow heart? love it. cheese heart, love it. All of them.

Cant wait to see more long posts full of hearts.

Healing hearts coming your way.

Thank you so much.

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