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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #45

Guest Heart Thursday from Clytie at Random Hearts.

My brand new grandson  ♥ Helmer ♥ is all about love and cuteness, 
and look, he even has a heart in his ear!

Other hearts this week include a heart shaped pattern in tree bark.

A tree bark heart on the ground.

A straw heart, and it was so windy I couldn't believe it kept it's shape!

Another rock heart.

And another fungus heart.

A heat shaped by some old farm equipment.

And finally, the hearts inside my favorite coffee mug.

Go here for more heart warming pictures.


Clytie said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Your tiny grandson's heart is voted by ME to be the most ADORABLE heart - EVER!

And the rest of your collection ... well, I wanted to pick a favorite, but find I CAN'T! They are all too wonderful!!

Thank you so much for sharing your hearts. They are GREAT!

SquirrelQueen said...

All of your hearts are fabulous but I agree with Clytie that your grandson's heart is the best.

texwisgirl said...

Oh amen to the 2 comments from the ladies above! That ear heart was just PRECIOUS!!! Love it all!

MarieElizabeth said...

All of these are great finds, as usual, but the the little heart in the baby's ear is perfect! What a great week for you. Enjoy!

forgetmenot said...

Oh, he is just too cute. I love each and every heart you discovered--how perceptive you are.
Great pictures. Mickie

Dani said...

I vote too. The sweetest heart ever! Hugs and kisses to this adorable baby.

Love the mug hearts, and all the other.

Have a lovely weekend!

Inge said...

Åhh hvor er han sød.. og sikke et fint lille ørehjerte.. :-)

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