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Friday, March 11, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #48

I didn't get out much this week, so I thought I'd just 
show a couple of hearts from my daughter's house. 

A window heart,

and a decor heart.

We did get out for a walk this afternoon though, 
and of course there was a rock heart :-)

But then, as a grand finale, the sun had an eruption yesterday,
sending off a shower of electrically charged particles towards earth,
causing a major show of northern lights.
It was so big that we got to see them this far south.
And when I looked over the photos on my laptop, 
there it was, a faint, small heart. 
I hope you seen it too, in the middle of the lower green line!

For more heart warming pictures, visit Clytie at Random Hearts.


~Cheryl said...

This is beyond fabulous! All of the hearts are terrific, but the Northern Lights ... what good fortune. Wow!

texwisgirl said...

A heart where the light isn't (like another poster found in cactus). Nice!

Dani said...

wow!!! lovely hearts you shared, but those northern lights are just awesome. Would love to see them one day.

Have a lovely weekend.

Clytie said...

I love that window decoration, but my heart is captured by those northern lights! I've always wanted to see those!!! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to see so many hearts this week ... especially the heart where the light isn't!

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