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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #51

On Tuesday this week I had my lunch outside on the deck for the first time this year. The northern wind was really cold, but we have a corner that's nice and sheltered. My camera was there with me (of course!), and I was looking around randomly for something to photograph while waiting for birds to show up at the feeder. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this heart shape between some branches! Right there, in the middle of the picture! I have lived in this house for 22 years and never seen it before. But it's a matter of being in the right spot to catch the right angle. 

Here is a close-up of it:

On one of our walks this week I found a really good heart rock.

Here is one from my archives. 
Years ago we saw this rock formation on an island, Måløy, off the north western coast of Norway. Constant grinding ocean waves have given the rock this shape. This is amazing in it self, but even more amazing is the fact that I see 9 hearts on the rocks, and 2 in the ocean (1 big and 1 very small)!

Visit Clytie at Random Hearts for more heart warming photos.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing find ! May love and life continue to be as strong as these 'stones'.

Please have a good start into the weekend.

daily athens

texwisgirl said...

okay, i had to concentrate a bit to find the heart in the tree, but i finally got it! :)

Dani said...

wow. the tree heart is amazing. Once you saw it, you'll now enjoy its presence every day.

And gorgeous rock hearts.

Have a nice weekend.

Clytie said...

How lucky you are to have a beautiful tree heart to greet you every day! It's beautiful!

And the rock heart is so perfect.

I am in awe of the ocean rock. I too see many hearts - my favorite being the ocean foam heart just to the right of the formation. And so many others! I really heart this shot!

Gale said...

Love that little twig heart!

Trisha said...

Great finds! That branch one was tricky but I found it!

LauraX said...

beautiful hearts...waiting for you!!!

Rimkogeren said...

Tak for din hilsen og tak for tippet :-)
Jeg er hoppet på hjertet.
Dine billeder er fantastiske (gælder også resten af din blog) Jeg kan ikke finde alle dine hjerter, men har fundet et i bølgekammen til højre.
God Søndag :-)

Mors Hjertekurv said...

Flotte hjerter :D Snodig det at en kan opp dage nye ting selv om en har bodd på samme sted lenge , men ja det er nok noe med vinkelen og øyeblikket . Søtt steinhjerte <3

Beth Niquette said...

I especially loved that odd rock formation with all those hearts.

What beautiful photographs you take! They just fill my eyes...Happy GHT!

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