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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Heart Thursday #56

I find so many hearts every week that I can't possibly post them all. I keep saving some for that week when I don't find any, but that doesn't happen, and that file just keeps growing :-) Here are some from this week:

Whoever painted this ugly bus shed
took the time to add two hearts on the back.

A pink cloud heart.

A big heart rock.

A chewing gum heart.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this fat heart 
on a piece of meat that I was preparing for a barbecue.

A white heart spot on a rock.

A feather heart.

A heart shaped piece of gravel showing through the moss.

Last night Sigve and I climbed a small hill to catch a gorgeous sunset.
As a bonus I found this beautiful big heart,
created by a rock and the rays from the setting sun.

Visit Clytie at Random Hearts for more hearty photos.


texwisgirl said...

they're all wonderful - the last one is especially beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How interesting a search it seems to have been. Love the first picture. Please have you all a good Friday.

daily athens

LauraX said...

so many beautiful hearts discovered by a woman who loves so deeply.

Trisha said...

You are just so good at this!! That "fat" heart is my favorite :)

MarieElizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, hearts everywhere! I like the fat one, so unexpected. Also, the reflection and the pink cloud are just perfect. Each with such a great story to be told, I'm sure.

Clytie said...

Ohmigosh, what a stunning bunch of hearts that found you this week! I can't say which is my favorite - maybe the "fat" heart ... or the mountainside heart ... or the stone hearts ... or ... heck I love them ALL!!!

EG Wow said...

You have a great eye for finding hearts! Amazing, really!

Babzy said...

nice and interesting serie :)

Dani said...

Great hearts. I think my fave is the fat heart. and the last one.

THank you for sharing.


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