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Friday, August 28, 2015

August Break 2015. Day 28: In My Bag

I am a bag organizer person. Compulsive. I have to know where everything is, to the degree that I can put my hand into my bag, without looking, and immediately pull out the item I want. So I collect bag organizers. The ones I use at the moment are 2 red ones. Identical, one big and one small. This bag is really a picnic basket. I use it in the car. It goes in the passenger seat, wherever I go. In some cases I'll take out the whole basket. Or if that's not needed, I'll bringing a smaller bag and just transfer the items I need for the occasion. Or I'll just take out my purse, which is really just a wallet that also has room for my phone, and it has a shoulder strap.
I am a compulsive bag organizing person :-)
BTW, I seem to have forgotten to mention what's in my bag, but that's not important, whats important is how it's organized :-)

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