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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Color Carnival

I just felt the need for some sweet color before I call it a night :-)
I enjoy the sight, but I don't eat this stuff, it's so full of everything artificial.
The picture is taken at a market in Barcelona, Spain.

More colorful pictures at Color Carnival


Maria's Space said...

Wow...that is some amazing color. Yeah those colors are not of nature but they look amazing and are the perfect Color Carnival pic.

Jama said...

Amazing colors with so much variety! I wouldn't buy them too, but definitely would be taking photos. lol

"Lillagul" said...

Amazing colors on all that candy !!!
Great picture !
Happy colorful weekend :)

fredamans said...


That's a great CC shot!

Kranky Granny said...

A perfect photo for the theme. I agree that shop keeper would not have made a sale from me. But, I would have certainly come home with several snaps of this colorful display.

Nathalie said...

Pretty colors and a very great post, although I must agree with you and the others who commented before me, I'd say no to eating them too.

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