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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #123

First out is a lamp in a pousada we once stayed in in Brazil.

Then a tiny shadow I found in the garden today.

And finally, my favorite shot today is moonlight from a near full moon 
(-2 days) shining through our deck door and casting shadows on the floor, 
with the reflexion of the moon itself thrown in, at 1.50 am tonight. 

Sometimes you just have to sacrifice sleep for shots like this :-)

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Gemma Wiseman said...

The pretty lamp casts a wonderful burst of magical shadow! The tiny shadow is so cute and the last photo captures a very moody shadowy atmosphere! A beautiful series!

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love your shadows, especially the first one!

Brad Pitt is in town, have a blessed Sunday!

EG CameraGirl said...

Wonderful shadows!

Unknown said...

these are all wonderful shadows.

Evette Mendisabal said...

I love your first shadow especially. It looks like a tree shadow. Crazy that it was cast from a sphere.

Evette Mendisabal said...

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Kelli said...

great shadows, shame we didn't have sun today

E Makes Art said...

Beautiful photos. I love the shadow from the lamp, so dramatic! And I love that you got a moonlight shadow. Wonderful!


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