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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scenic Sunday 120

Towards the end of a storm I like to go right out to the coast 
(the west coast of Norway) and watch the waves. 

This time I was a little late, 
but there were still some good waves playing around, 
and I got a nice light from the setting sun as a bonus. 

Watching waves is very calming :-)

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Scenic Sunday


Laila -Karin said...

For et fantastisk bilde.
SKlemå heldig du er som har havet så nært

namaki said...

Such a wild sunset !!!

Linnea said...

That's a wonderful after-the-storm view! Makes me wish I lived closer to the water...

Unknown said...

Gorgeous capture, love the sunset.
I agree with you, there is nothing like the beach after a storm.

joco said...

Fancy getting the actual splash in your picture. Well done you.
Nice to have the sea so near at hand for a quick visit.

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